Intellectual Property Policy is committed to ensuring that the products on its website do not violate or infringe any Intellectual Property (IP) rights of third parties.

All the products displayed and sold on the website are genuine. They are either sold under Elevate Ecommerce Synergies designs or under third-party trademarks, brands, and designs. We do not promote policies that violate IP rights. respects Intellectual Property rights and is dedicated to protecting against any kind of IP violations. If any IP rights owner (being the owner of the IP for the mentioned product or their authorized representative) identifies any IP violation on the website, they may report such infringing content or products to our Grievance Officer via email at

When reporting a violation, the IP rights owner should provide the following information:

  • Full name, company name, designation, address, contact number, and email address
  • Details of the IP rights registered by the IP owner, including a copy of the registration certificate
  • Link to the infringing product/content on the website
  • A brief description of the violation

Upon receiving a complete IP violation notice, we will review the content and send a follow-up message to the IP rights owner once the notice has been processed. If the information provided is incomplete or illegitimate, will not be able to process the notice further.

If has valid entitlements to display and sell the mentioned products, we will share only the relevant information (to the extent permitted as per's agreement with the Licensor).

If the notice is found to be valid, we will remove the reported content from the website, and our Grievance Officer will reach out to the IP rights owner for any further redressal.

We are dedicated to maintaining a platform that respects and upholds Intellectual Property rights. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.